Medley’s AFL Cultural Diversity Program

Niamh Grogan participated in the Medley’s AFL Cultural Diversity program; The Medleys program brings together the most talented 25 multicultural female players who are selected from the Female All Nations Cup to participate in an accelerated football development program, which also includes and focuses on strengthening leadership, cultural identity and life skills. The Medleys program is a pathway to the mainstream talent academy and AFL Women’s League.

“I participated in the Medleys AFL Cultural Diversity program which I was able to participate in as I am half Irish and born overseas in Ireland. We did a leadership camp in Darwin, where I learned lots about being a team player and the vast amounts of different cultures in sports throughout Australia. 

We played the NT Thunder as well as the Indigenous All Stars. Our second game was live-streamed and is published here:

Well done Niamh on all of your AFL achievements.

Miss Rachael Hart
Sports Coordinator