MLTAQ French Speech Competition 2016

Pictured above: Stefany Jeong, Linda Khuthir, Ayla Tartic, Talan Ramsay and Thilini  Dissabandara

Stefany and LindaOn Sunday 14 August, eight risk-taking, communicative QAHS students took part in the annual MLTAQ French Speech Competition at Griffith University. Particular congratulations go to Stefany Jeong and Linda Khuthir who were awarded First Place in their respective categories.  In recognition of the high quality of her performance, Stefany was invited to deliver her speech at the awards ceremony.

Madam Michèle Soulard
Professeur de Français

“On 14 August, I made my way to Griffith University to participate in the annual MLTAQ Speech Competition (French) for the very first time. Despite the fact that I had practised the speech more than one hundred times, I still felt nervous as I walked into the room, once the clock hit 11:12 AM for my session. In a blink of an eye, I reached my last line “merci beaucoup”, and the feeling of relief overtook me. Although the little mistakes I made along the way kept lingering in the back of my head, I wasn’t too worried. After all, my goal for this year was not to place, but rather use the experience to see whether I could undertake the challenge as a risk-taker and an effective communicator. However, I was pleasantly surprised that I had in fact, surpassed what I had originally aimed for. I received a phone call from the MLTAQ Association and was informed that I had won the Year 12 division. On top of hearing this amazing news, I was further invited to deliver my winning speech at the awards ceremony in front of approximately 200 people, to represent the overall French section for 2016. This opportunity gave me more experience than I had expected, and helped me to understand that you should never do something to simply win awards or medals; but instead focus on what you would be able to gain from it. Then, magically, things you would have never imagined, may follow!” Stefany Jeong, Year 11

QAHS results:

2016 MLTAQ QAHS results