Mooting Team win Griffith Mooting Championship

Students pictured above (L-R): Jessica Morris, Pearl Hoile, Chris Yao

Recently, five QAHS students entered the 2017 Griffith Law Students’ Association High School Mooting Championship. Over the course of several weeks, Chris Yao (Senior Counsel), Pearl Hoile (Junior Counsel) Jessica Morris (Instructing Solicitor) as well as Madeleine Brooker and Nicole Raju (Researchers) researched and prepared their case argument under the guidance of Mrs Vanessa Rebgetz BA.LLB.Grad.Dip.Ed.M.Ed. Mrs Rebgetz practised Law as a Solicitor in Brisbane city firms as her first career. After several weeks of preparation for the moot, the case was presented to a panel of mock ‘judges’, Vice-President of Competitions Jean Fischer and Senior Lecturer in Law Associate Professor Therese Wilson. The QAHS team argued for the plaintiff against competing schools such as Assisi Catholic College, The Southport School and Somerset College.

IMG_4747The 2017 moot case focused on Contract Law where the plaintiff’s contract with a large producing company was terminated under the reasoning that the plaintiff had breached the terms of contract while also failing to send a signed renewal of the contract due to an email server failure. The case examined when a conversation between two business partners is considered to be an implied term, and when the renewal of a contract is valid under the Postal Rule. This experience proved to be very challenging yet beneficial, assisting the team in strengthening their communication and advocacy skills. It allowed the students to learn how to structure a written submission, as well as to formulate arguments supported with justified and logical evidence and reasoning.

Overall, mooting proved to be a very engaging and interesting experience which should be a definite consideration for students contemplating studying Law in the future. It allows students to gain insight into what it’s like to be in a court environment. On behalf of the QAHS mooting team, a big thank-you to Mrs Rebgetz for coaching the group of students and providing them with the opportunity to participate in the 2017 Griffith LSA High School Mooting Competition. Congratulations to the QAHS team who were awarded First Place in the Competition.

Morris, JessicaJessica Morris
Year 11