Mr So and Li Po

This past week Mr So, Maths and Physic Teacher at QAHS, has taken his time to prepare and present two one hour lessons for the Year 12 students studying Higher Level English. The poetry of Li Po is one of three works in translation texts that will be studied before the Work in Translation Essay is submitted to the International Baccalaureate organisation for 25% of the student’s grade.

Mr So’s lessons to the English students studying Chinese poetry always add immensely to their understanding of the construction of Li Po’s work, the life of the poet and the personas Li Po creates.  The cultural aspects are discussed and the presentation is engaging and enlightening for students and teachers alike.

We would like to thank Mr So for his time, wonderful multi modal presentation and ability to clearly present the poet in a novel way.

From the Year 12 HL classes and Ms Mackie and Ms Donovan.

Ms Pearl Donovan
English Faculty