Mr So and the poetry of Li Po

Year 12 HL English Literature students were privileged to have a guest speaker attend their lesson last Friday to immerse them in the poetry of Tang Dynasty Chinese poet, Li Po.  The students are studying the poetry of Li Po – who wrote hundreds of timeless poems in his relatively short lifetime during the 8th century – as part of their study of Works in Translation.

QA’s very own Mr. Wayde So, known to many of our students for his prowess in Physics and Maths, donned traditional Chinese attire, complete with props and visual aids to set the atmosphere for the session: a glow light projected stars on the ceiling to emulate Li Po’s appreciation of the natural world; a delicate Chinese fan added emphasis for the cadences of Chinese characters; and of course, the bottles of Chinese beer that Li Po and his fellow Tang poets consumed for ‘divine inspiration’, completed the ambience.

The students gained a new perspective on the historical and cultural significance of Chinese Poetry as well as Li Po’s creative brilliance, and even followed traditional conventions to write their own ‘Chinese poetry’ in response to a visual stimulus.  Many laughs were to be heard throughout Mr. So’s presentation and the students did not want the session to end.

On behalf of the 12 HL English Literature students, thank you, Mr So, for generously sharing your personal knowledge and experience with us and giving us such privileged insights into our Works in Translation studies.

Mrs Karen Mackie
English Faculty