National Gifted Awareness Week celebrations

Bond Uni_Prof Steven Stern_portrait_arch_croppedAs part of National Gifted Awareness Week, which is celebrated nationally this week, the QAHS Gifted and Talented Committee invited guest academic, Professor Steven Stern, Professor of Data Science at Bond University to present How Maths made me part of International Sport. Custodian and co-creator of the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern Method, Professor Stern spoke of his career work connecting his two great loves, Maths and Sport. He shared with the Assembly audience how his data analysis of a range of weather effected cricket matches led to the development of the now official approach to handling interruptions in international limited over cricket matches. The avid cricket followers in the audience agreed the presentation was compelling. Those who are not cricket fanatics were able to appreciate the mathematical application to solve a puzzling problem of determining the length of innings when rain interrupts play.

Students were encouraged to “let your talents meet your passions” in their academic pursuits. Students have the opportunity to apply for a sponsored place to attend the Gifted and Talented Student Conference being held in Brisbane on May 15.

Also as part of National Gifted Awareness Week, teaching staff have engaged in readings related to educating Gifted students. An extract from one of the readings is replicated here and supports our understanding of giftedness in students educated at Queensland Academies:

Miraca Gross, Director of the Gifted Education Research Resource and Information Centre (GERRIC) at the University of New South Wales has explained: all children are a gift; all children have relative strengths and weaknesses; however not all children are gifted because the term ‘gifted’ is a psychological and educational term and refers to the top ten percent of the population in any field. All children are unique and each child is valued. Gifted Education isn’t about valuing some students more than others; it is simply related to identification of intellectual and learning differences and meeting a student’s associated educational needs.

Vanessa Rebgetz
Deputy Principal/Chair QAHS Gifted and Talented Committee