National Science Week 2018

National Science Week, celebrated in August each year extends far beyond the week at Health Sciences campus. Students have engaged in an extensive array of key events on campus and amongst the scientific community. Showcasing their curiosity in Science Survivor is a particular highlight for students and staff alike.

Hosting the Gold Coast’s premier Science Competition, the Griffith University Gold Coast Science Competition, has seen the campus buzzing this week. The Competition is a culminating event by which students can submit their various projects for judging across the categories of Scientific Investigations; Engineering and Technology Projects; Communicating Science, and Environmental Action Project. For the first time, we have welcomed submissions from our Gold Coast Brilliant Futures students who have been mentored in their independent research work by a group of Year 10 QAHS STEM Mentors. We eagerly await the prize announcements at the Gold Coast Science Competition Awards to be held this Thursday in the Lecture Theatre.

Mrs Vanessa Rebgetz

Acting Principal

Lunch with a Scientist – Thursday 16 August

A small group of Year 11 QAHS students travelled to the QUT Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI) to participate in the annual Lunch with a Scientist event. Students engaged with a broad range of scientists in an informal ‘speed dating style’ format. They had the opportunity to share lunch with scientists including, Professor David Abramson, the Director of the UQ Centre for Research Computing and Dr Nathan Castro, a well-experienced chemist and multidisciplinary biome dical engineer based at QUT.

The scientists are leaders  in their field and speak with a passion for their research that is inspiring. The event is well timed for our Year 11 students as it can both motivate their efforts and broaden imaginations towards possible career paths in Science.

Students were treated to a fantastic lunch and returned to school excited by the conversations they had with Scientists and the opportunity to mix with students from QACI and QASMT academies in Brisbane.

“In celebration of National Science week, six QAHS students were offered the opportunity to attend an event hosted by the QUT Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (ihbi). The students got the chance to speak with a variety of scientists and experts in varied scientific field such as microbiology, immunology, zoology, agriculture and many others; as well as enjoy a delicious lunch with the scientists and the fellow students from the QASMT and QACI campuses.

Although we study the sciences at our campus and we had entered the event believing that we knew the scientific field and its progress, nevertheless, we rendered speechless after talking with these highly intellectual and hardworking researchers. The amount of work and research that is being tested and generated to help solve major worldwide and national issues. For example: we were fortunate to meet Dr Arutha Kulasinghe who informed us about the most recent method being tested at the moment to cure cancer, known as Immune therapy. Immune therapy is based on the theory that our immune system one day will be able to recognise cancer tumours at early stages and attack them by itself. Of course, this would happen after the immune system is familiarised to identify the tumour antigen. If this therapy was to be applied, it would mean that patients will be able to fight cancer on their own without the use of any chemotherapy which lacks precision and destroys the entirety of the immune system, and the patient would be able to fight cancer if diagnosed again! This is a significant progress that the scientific community has been working on for years and it has finally payed off.

Meeting these researches had truly inspired us all and influenced us to work harder, with a thriving ambition of being part of such great achievements in the future and contributing to the scientific as well as the medical progress.”
Noor Saadi – Year 10

Ms Lissa Hodson

Acting Deputy Principal

Science Survivor – Thursday 16 August

Science Survivor: one of the most exciting ways to celebrate National Science Week (11-19 August)! 11 different challenges were set up for the Year 10 and 11 students that had them moving around the school to win points for their house teams. Each different challenge was aligned with National Science Weeks Theme: being a Game Changer or a Change Maker.

Many important historical milestones were reached this year, including the 200th birthday of Mary Shelley’s literary wonder: Frankenstein and the 40th anniversary of the world’s first artificially conceived baby.

Together with rockets, paper planes, Tesla Coils, shopping trolleys, braille, hydroelectricity and periodic tables; this year’s science survivor was educational, interesting and fun for all.

The final challenge had Aqua facing off against Ventus; answering trivia questions with slime guns and lastly shooting off a rocket. Ventus came out as overall Science Survivor winner displaying impressive teamwork to achieve their victory.

Montana Henkelmann
Science Operations Officer

Griffith Science Trivia – Tuesday 14 August

As part of the 2018 National Science Week, the Griffith Science Education Alliance hosted the STEM Trivia Challenges in the QAHS Sports Hall. We were proud to invite South East Queensland’s brightest young STEM brains to pitch a friendly battle of the minds. The event is held across two age groups, with the teacher’s competition running in conjunction with the senior student’s competition. It was a fun-fuelled event that gave everyone the chance to celebrate and demonstrate their STEM knowledge!

With brain-buster audience questions and great prize giveaways, this event was another huge success this year!

Mr Paul Mitchell
Acting HOD Science & Enrichment

Pop up Science – Sunday 19 August

Pop up Science is an event run by Griffith University’s “Science on the Go” team.

On Sunday 19 August, 2018, Night Quarter Helensvale was host to a range of fascinating and interactive scientific experiences as part of the Science on the Move travelling exhibition, created by Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre in Canberra.

This year, QAHS took along a small sample of their Science “bag of practical tricks” for the next generation of young scientists.  A group of our Year 11 students entertained over 4,000 members of the public throughout the event, with feats of chemical magic. The day was a huge success and our students did a wonderful job of inspiring large groups of curious future QAHS scientists.

Mr Paul Mitchell
Acting HOD Science & Enrichment