Opportunities Week – Year 10

The last week of Term 2 saw QAHS students participating in a range of activities as part of Opportunities Week: Year 12s were involved in English Works in Translation (WITs), HL Chemistry Pracs, exam feedback, Maths Focus Days, amongst an opportunity to work on Extended Essays and other assessments; Year 11s were engaged in the Australian Business Week program (click for ABW report); and the Year 10s completed competencies towards a Certificate III in Active Volunteering or a Certificate III in Laboratory Skills. The range of opportunities being extended to students once again reflects the strength and commitment of a community of learners.

Brown, MoniqueYear 10 student Monique Brown reflects on the Certificate III Active Volunteering:

“I was one of the sixty-nine students that participated in QAHS’ Opportunities Week in order to complete the Certificate III in Active Volunteering. The condensed course, completed in a total of six days, enabled students to demonstrate and learn new skills in things such as first-aid, formal writing and group work.

At the beginning of the course, the students were allocated teams of three or four, which were then divided into four groups which would rotate to a different unit within the course each day. Within the teams, roles were allocated and undertaken by members in order to help us through the course. The course was monitored and organised by the QAHS staff, chiefly, Ms Blackmur, Mrs Bertwistle, and Mr Haydock, who handled the units and helped to organise the students and our work.

At the end of the week, as is required by the course, held a Volunteering Expo that demonstrated our hard work over the week and helped to demonstrate our ability, once again, to work in a team. Mrs Sleeman was formally invited by the students to view the Expo and gain some insight into the course, along with the students’ opinions and experiences gained in completing it.

2016 Cert III Volunteering 2
Personally, I enjoyed developing my skills in professional and formal writing, particularly in the unit that addressed such documents. I enjoyed this unit because I very much enjoy writing and believe that those newly learned abilities have the potential to help me in structured writing for future education, jobs and careers.

Several students – including myself – have noted that, without the supply of minties from our teachers, we surely would not have survived the intensive course. Other students have given their feedback as well, with many agreeing that the high level of content in the course in such a short time was gruelling, however, it was enjoyable nonetheless and many students embraced the week with valour and enthusiasm!

As the theory aspect of the course has been completed and filed until it is to be reviewed later in the year, the students and I will need to gather fifty hours of volunteering with a not for-profit organisation. Many of the students have begun gathering their hours in the months leading up to Opportunities Week. I thank QAHS for giving us this wonderful opportunity and wish for success to all of the students in gathering their hours. Good luck!”

2016 Cert III Volunteering 1


Year 10 student Song Jin Loh reflects on the Certificate III Laboratory Skills:

Loh, Song Jin“During my time at  TAFE Brisbane South Bank campus, I have significantly developed my practical lab skills as well as my theoretical knowledge on different topics in science. As a Chemistry and Biology student, I found the Certificate III in Laboratory Skills, and Certificate II in Sampling and Measurement, particularly relevant as we covered many areas including microscopy, making media, blood films, gram staining and even making sorbet. I gained valuable learning experiences such as operating procedures in a science laboratory at tertiary level and working with equipment that may not be found in schools. It was a very enjoyable Opportunities Week and my classes at TAFE have definitely benefited my science studies at school.”

2016 Laboratory Skills


Ms Alita Blackmur
HOD Student Serivces