Proficiency and technique made the difference

On Saturday 16 May 2015, nine QAHS students competed in the Royal Australian Chemical Institute Regional Titration Competition. Designed to recognise proficiency, the competition requires team members to perform a simple acid-base titration exercise.

2015 RACI Titration Comp 2nd Place winners Maria Ciubuc-Batcu, Bethany So and Rebecca Norvock

Year 12 students, Maria Ciubuc-Batcu, Bethany So and Rebecca Norvock (pictured) came a very close second out of the thirty teams competing on the day, with a combined variance of < 5 (fourth decimal place). This secured them a place at the national competition, which is set to take place at the University of Queensland in September.

Bethany said, “The Titration competition was an enjoyable experience. As a team, we were required to find the concentration of the unknown acid. It was really intense during the final few minutes when we had to finish our calculations to the fourth decimal place.”

Rebecca said, “After weeks of practising for the competition with Mr Cooper’s guidance, I could see a big improvement in our technique and speed.  I really enjoyed the learning experience and having the opportunity to participate in the regional competition.”

Maria added, “Finding out that we came second, with only 0.25% error between us was a wonderful surprise.”

Congratulations to all students who competed and our best wishes to Maria, Bethany and Rebecca for the competition in September.

Hudson, LornaLorna Hudson
Student Reporter
Year 12