QA Community Garden

It was only about 2 short years ago that the QA Community Garden was developed. It’s hard to believe it now but the area was once an overgrown mess of native ginger that you wouldn’t even consider going near. But now, this area is an inviting space full of fresh produce, citrus trees and wonderful smelling roses. It’s an area where our QA Students tend to the vegetables, examine the successes and failings and research what could be grown in the next season – always a challenge within the site due to the restricted sunlight it gets.

There is a growing trend around the world where people are seeking to connect with nature to create more sustainable local food systems. The beauty of the concept of a Community Garden is that it not only provides fresh nutritious food but it also gives the QA Community a chance to come together and create a sense of ownership. I love seeing staff and students exploring or just admiring the garden we have all cared for and grown and sneakily I smile to myself knowing that each one of our QA Community Gardeners gain huge health benefits such as being happy, reducing stress and anxiety, decreasing risk of heart disease and diabetes and helping you sleep better.

Well done to our very successful QA Community Gardeners and Mr Brad Cooper our Facilities Officer for the fantastic produce thus far – Corn, Potatoes, Basil, Radish, Cherry Tomatoes, Eggplant, Swiss Chard, Zucchini, Rockmelon and Cucumbers. I invite more of our QA Community to come and explore our Community Garden in 2018 and share with us some of the healthy and nutritious food.

Ms Lissa Hodson
A/Deputy Principal