QA in the Community

We are very proud to have established a relationship with the Multicultural Communities Council Gold Coast. Established in 1986, the organisation formed the charter to ensure people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds have equal access to appropriate services for their on-going health and well-being. Today, Multicultural Communities Council Gold Coast Ltd continues to work to this same charter and has introduced two additional brands, CÜRA and Simply Caring Australia – with a passion and drive for the health and well-being of all Australians.

On Tuesday 23 May, eight Year 11 students attended the ‘Our Colours, Our Stories’ cultural day which aims to bring the community together through immersing in others’ cultures.

MCCGC1“The ‘Our Colours, Our Stories’ French day held at the MCCGC earlier this week was an enriching day filled with fun, facts and food. Eight Year 11 students from QAHS, along with 17 students from Keebra Park State High School, were honoured to be invited to attend this event, with the promise of a ‘trip to France’ awaiting us. We were an audience to informative presentations on the roots of French culture and its identity, sampling delicious dishes and partaking in French games such as pétanque. Much to the group’s excitement, we were also able to try the world famous Can-Can, a dance synonymous with French cabaret. Although the day taught us much about French culture, its central premise of the importance of multiculturalism and diversity on the Gold Coast did not go unnoticed. My personal highlight of the day was, in fact, meeting the girls from Keebra Park State High School, who were all from various countries and cultures themselves. It was amazing to see everyone integrate and share their stories and experiences, whilst we all learnt about a culture far different from our own. The ‘Our Colours, Our Stories’ day reminded us all of the beauty of difference, culture and tradition, as well as allowing us to engage and acquaint ourselves with others. Building relationships amongst people is incredibly important, and days such as this served as an amazing opportunity to get to know each other, as we got to know the world.”
Natasha Rajkumar – Year 11

“On the 23rd of May I attended the French Cultural Day as one of eight students from Year 11 along with international students from Keebra Park State High School. The event was held at the Multicultural Communities Council in Ashmore. Throughout the day, we gained further insight into French culture and their traditions, particularly famous French figures, their food and their music. We were also involved in a game of petanque and French dancing which allowed us to further interact with the students from Keebra Park. Overall, the experience allowed me to gain more of an appreciation towards cultural diversity.”
Stephanie Hall – Year 11

MCCGC2“This event was an experience like no other, and one that was quite interesting. I developed my knowledge of the French culture and of the Multicultural stance in Australia. The day began at around 9:10 am when we arrived at the venue not far from our school. I wasn’t aware of a multicultural facility like this one before this event. Though, I believe that this committee is an amazing way to create awareness of different cultures and religions within our society and to create an understanding of other cultures. This committee provides many opportunities for people to engage with others of other races which is very important in the world that we live in today. After a tour of this incredible and calming environment, the Keebra students arrived and we began the cultural day.

We were first told about a Multicultural agreement that has been in creation and establishment for a number of years in Australia. Following this, we engaged in a ‘trip to France’. We learnt about the great people of France who have made a great impact on the world and most importantly in our IB Biology studies at QAHS regarding Louis Pasteur who conducted the nutrient broth experiment and invented the pasteurisation of milk and other food products. Next, we enjoyed a French inspired morning tea consisting of pain au chocolat and fruit. We then continued learning about the French culture and their delicacies. Not long after, we participated in a game of French lawn bowls called Petanque. This activity was enjoyable as we were able to further interact with the other students and develop our collaborative and communication skills. Lunch followed straight after, consisting of quiche, garlic bread, nicoise salad and potatoes which were delicious.

We ended the day on a high point by being risk takers and doing the Can-Can. I had a lot of fun participating in this activity even though we may not have been dancing well at all. Overall, I believe that this experience was rewarding and emphasised the importance of learning about other cultures. Cet événement était fantastique !”
Jasmine Sidhu – Year 11

MCCGC4On Tuesday 23 May we were also invited to the MCCGC community ‘Meet & Eat’ where approximately 70 local organisations from diverse cultures met to celebrate community successes and to share information on their heritage/organisation. Year 11 student Alyssa Einhorn, and myself engaged in team building exercises with community leaders, listened to success stories from the Australian-Baltic friendships organisation, Multi-faith advisory council and action group, the aging revolution, The Mauritian Association of Queensland. The Multi-faith Advisory council updated the community of the developments of the Compassionate Gold Coast program which members of our health and wellbeing committee have been involved in. This was an excellent networking evening where we developed our international-mindedness and understanding of the true meaning of diversity.

Alita Blackmur
A/HOD Student Services