QAHS 2015 Science Survivor challenge

‘Making waves – The science of light’ was the National Science Week’s theme for 2015 and allowed a great opportunity for the QAHS community to discover that light is much more than just illumination during this year’s QAHS Science Survivor event.

The day involved the school population working in their houses and organising teams of 6-7 to compete in a variety of engaging light science based challenges.  There were eight challenges followed by the final survivor challenge which, required team work and lateral thinking to become the ultimate survivors.  The challenges were all related to light with the aim of illuminating all participants about the importance and different uses of light – giving students a unique opportunity to investigate the many ways in which we can harness light.  Students were involved in using a torch to convey a Morse coded message, identifying unknown sounds, using a magnifying glass to heat water, performing charades, creating a replication of different wave lengths, competing in a sack race, seeing past optical illusions, completing a maze blindfolded and using ultra violet light to decrypt a secret message.  The QA community came together to enjoy an afternoon of light related science challenges paving the way for the winner of the final survivor to be awarded the honourable title of the ultimate survivors and the righteous Mr Potato Head trophy.

Science Survivor 2015

A big thank you to the staff and students who helped run the challenges during the event, and also to all the support that was given behind the scenes.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Science Survivor Ignis Team of:

Thilini Dissabandra, Thomas Jackson, Fraser Hearps, Shirin Sarvar, Corey Doyle,  Sophie Wells and Wui Heian Wong (insert).

2015 Science Survivor Champion Team

Mr Tom Kenyon
Science Operations Officer