QAHS CAS Drama Club Assembly performance

The QAHS Drama Club recently performed the premier of an original play, that was written by Year 10 student Liam Harker, and performed by members of the Drama Club, overseen and rehearsed as an after school CAS group by Mr Daniel Graham. The performers of the play were Alex Young, Brighid Gleeson-Watt, Amber Gleeson-Watt, Bianca Wolstenholme, Jess Ventrillon, Claire Muir Smith and Liam Harker. The play was premiered at the Term 2 Soiree concert in Week 5, with a follow-up performance to the whole school at the Week 6 Assembly.

The play is called “Overpowering Emotions”. In the words of Liam, “it was based around the emotions that kids experience while sitting their exams, we tried to implement comedy into our play to keep it up beat and funny, but also serious aspects like stress and confusion that many children experience during exams. It also explored the aspects of cheating and trying to prove what’s morally right and wrong by using [representations of] good and bad consciences, to explore the student’s ideas and thought processes during exam sessions”.

You can enjoy the performance here.


Mr Patrick Emery
Music Faculty