QAHS Chinese New Year Assembly

The students and the staff of QAHS were treated to a taste of Chinese culture at this week’s assembly which combined a Chinese New Year celebration with the unveiling of the Academy’s Confucius classroom last Tuesday 16 February. This followed a successful Chinese dumpling making activity which was conducted on the first day of Spring Festival in the campus Refectory. The assembly was hosted by Year 11 students Victoria Ng and Neeraj Bhatnagar who not only did a fantastic job at organising the event, but also demonstrated excellent improvisation skills in adjusting to sudden and unexpected changes.

Year 11 students Ethan Bryant and Tyler Gerbing demonstrated their high level of Mandarin fluency in addressing two special guests from the Confucius Tourism Institute, and the students and staff of QAHS attending this special assembly. Their speeches were polished over many hours of hard work undertaken in their own time both before and after class. The result of this hard work was a very fluent Mandarin language presentation enjoyed and praised by all. In addition to these Chinese language speeches, Principal Jane Sleeman tried out her Mandarin within her Principal’s address, also to great effect.

Chinese music played a prominent role in this assembly with Year 11 student Jennie Chan singing the Chinese national anthem, Bethany So (2015 Graduate) playing the Chinese piano (古筝), and Jennie Chan playing the Chinese harp (琵琶). All performances were flawless and appreciated by all members of the audience.

A highlight of this event was the thrilling QAHS dragon dance performed superbly and almost exclusively by QAHS students. Despite being provided with only two days’ notice, Ray Feng, Michael Chen, Yohan Choi, Nathan Xue, Jessy Barber, Thomas Sheppard, Neeraj Bhatnagar, John Yoon, So Hyun Lee, Luke Maeda and Sean Ciancio-Gayler stepped up and volunteered to give up several hours of two consecutive Saturdays to learn the complicated and at times physically demanding routines incorporated within Chinese dragon dancing. Their commitment and the rapid pace in which these eleven students mastered the dragon dance routine is a testament to the can-do attitude of QAHS students. Furthermore, the Chinese cultural knowledge that these students have acquired throughout this experience has further broadened their understanding of China, and is something that they can share with their current cohort and future Mandarin cohorts.

On behalf of the students and staff of QAHS, I would like to thank the QAHS dragon dancers, Mandarin speakers, and musicians: 感谢你们!I would also like to wish all QAHS students, parents, caregivers and staff, a Happy Year of the Monkey! 猴年快乐!

Mr Dean Ryschka
Business/Mandarin Teacher