QAHS commemorates ANZAC Day

A moving Anzac Ceremony commemorating the Centenary of Anzac Day was held on 23 April  featuring several music performances which created the appropriate atmosphere.

Acknowledgment was made of two QAHS students, Ayla Tartic (Year 10) and Jonathan Manifold (Year 12) who were selected among 70 winners of the Premiers Anzac Prize for 2015 to attend the Anzac Centenary at Gallipolli.  As part of a two week tour to Turkey, Belgium and France they attended the Gallipoli Dawn Service.  The audience at QAHS viewed Jonathan’s impressive and very moving multimedia entry into the competition as part of the proceedings.

Thank you to the following students for their contribution to our celebration to honour our Australian Diggers and all those involved in conflicts around the world.

2015 Anzac Commemoration presenters and Musicans


Olivier Tan, Tien Cortez, Naomi Smith and Hannah Rogger-Amies.


Bagpipe – ‘Will ye no come back again’
Callum Moffat.

Trumpet Quintet – QAHS Fanfare, Last Post and Reveille
Sachin Lalloo, Sayo Kokubun,  Michael Kendall, Owen Green and Ray Feng.

Vocalists – Advance Australia Fair and God Defend New Zealand
Patricia Madronio and Dilpreet Chadhu.

ANZAC Strings – Woodsplitter Fanfare, Theme from Schindler’s List, Yorkshire Ballad
Students –  Georgia Politakis, Anna Foran, Sayo Kokubun, Amy Zhou, Leona Mak,  Sally Lee, Daniel Farqhuar.
Teachers – Ms Jodie Ralph and Mr Mark Turpin.


Mrs Annette Jackson
HOD Student Services