QAHS Community Garden

The new QAHS community garden was inaugurated at the QAHS Open Day. It was quite symbolic to open our community garden when many members of the public came to see what QAHS was all about, adding some sentimentalism to the whole thing. This is a CAS project that began at the end of 2015, when the garden club was created with the aim to add life and originality to our school’s environment. From the start, the group brainstormed, planned, and organised ideas for the garden, with everyone helping out and getting involved. It was really wonderful to see our little project finally taking off and becoming a reality.

Planting Community Garden 2016

When the time came to actually plant our gardens, we were all very excited to make our own creations. Each group had chosen a specific theme for their garden beds, each differing in plant selection (vegetables, flowers, herbs, a mix of all) and motives behind the choices (some for produce sale, some for pollinator attraction, some just to look nice, or to enhance your beauty). It was also the first time many of us has done something like this. Whilst we had some experience planting things before, having responsibility for our very own gardens is very different. Creating something with a special personal purpose is extremely rewarding, especially when it also makes our school more green and friendly.

Our garden project has been a success so far, and I can’t wait to see how beautiful it will be once all our plants grow and bloom.

Reher, MarianaMariana Reher
Year 12