QAHS Cross Country 2016

The QAHS Cross Country took place on Friday 22 April. Throughout the day, students engaged in a number of activities alongside the run in an attempt to win the challenge for their house, some of which included dancing, war cries, quoits and an art competition.

The day commenced with the customary war cry competition held in the Green Heart. Lead by their house leaders, each team was required to perform their war cry, with the most impressive gaining points for their house. Although close, Ventus took the victory, led by house leaders Olivier Tan, Hannah Rogger-Amies, Emily Lin and Thomas Sheppard.

A feature of the QAHS Cross Country event is the house challenge art work. Whilst the majority of students undertake the three lap run around the cross country track, a small number of house representatives participate in the art competition. The students were tasked with creating a piece of artwork encompassing their house colours and the 2016 Health and Wellbeing focus – Balance. The masterpieces produced were judged at the end of the day, with Aqua deemed the winner.

2016 Cross country

As the afternoon drew on, students began to return from the cross-country course. The weather was beautiful and warm for the event so the icy poles handed to the returning students were greatly appreciated. A game of quoits was set up in the Green Heart, which provided students with another opportunity to gain house points. The winners were announced as the day came to a close, culminating with the presentations for the day.

First place titles were awarded to one male and one female from each year level – Stephanie Hall and Phoenix Hagel in Year 10, Helena Chen and Moiz Basha in Year 11, and Katie Ramage and Jack Elliott in Year 12. This was Katie’s third win in a row for the inter-house year level trophy.

Ventus was declared the overall winning house, overtaking Terra by just 20 points.

Miss Alita Blackmur
A/HOD Student Services/Year 10 Coordinator