QAHS Debating Teams go on to the knock out rounds

Congratulations to QAHS debating teams who have been very successful in the first four rounds of the 2018 Gold Coast Debating Competition. These rounds were conducted in Term 2 against 15 Gold Coast schools across three levels of the competition. Topical issues such as The Commonwealth Games, e-sports, dual citizenship, compulsory education to Year 12, social media and free university education, were contended by the teams, who in most cases had only 60 minutes at senior level or 90 minutes at intermediate level to prepare their cases and build their arguments. Debaters need to be open-minded and knowledgeable in order to support their cases, as sides are allocated not chosen. Furthermore, they need to be principled in order to deal with controversial issues with sensitivity.

Three of our Senior teams and three of our Intermediate teams have made it to the knock out rounds, which will be held in the first half of Term 3, culminating in the Grand Final on Wednesday 15 August at Bond University.

Thanks go to Rohaan Haikerwal of Yr 12, Meghna Sharma (alumnus), Myora Kruger and Mrs Karen Mackie for their invaluable contributions to the coaching and organization of all of our teams.

Mrs Mary-Anne Wood
Debating Co-ordinator