QAHS Dragon Dancers’ Chinatown Performance

The QAHS Dragon Dancers continued to build upon their strong relationship with the Gold Coast City Council by performing at the Southport Chinatown Night Markets on Saturday 2 June. As always, they drew in large crowds. However, there was something new for these spectators as the QAHS Dragon Dancers demonstrated a newly learnt move. Additionally, they performed with their specially designed QAHS Dragon and Dragon Dancing Drum. Please see below for Yuriko Matsukawa’s reflection:

“On Saturday 2 June the QAHS Dragon Dancing team performed four times at the Chinese night market. The market was lively with food stalls, various performances and intrigued onlookers.  All our performances went smoothly and without incident. Although this seems to be expected, this is actually a great achievement that has come to be through practice, dedication and experience. Our most spectacular performance in my opinion was our last performance of the night. Knowing that this would be our last performance, everyone on the team performed their upmost. We executed successfully for the first time a new move we had been working on: ‘The Big Wave’. In this move we wave the dragon from left to right with exceptionally large movements. This resulted in a graceful and symmetrical current flowing through the dragon from head to tail. Not only did we execute a new move, but Saturday’s performance was the debut for the new green Queensland Academy dragon. This new dragon, which is heavier than the previous dragons, was a great challenge for us. But through practice and good biceps we managed to utilise this weight into power for our ‘Big Wave’.

At the end of our last performance we were rewarded with an applause to be proud of. This was our best performance so far and this fact truly warmed my heart. And so, we took the dragon back to the QAHS van where it will wait for its next opportunity to shine. We have come very far as a team, but we still have a long way to go. Saturday night’s performance was merely the beginning of the great performances to come especially with our EKKA performance drawing nearer. If you wish, do come and watch our next performance. You will not be disappointed.”

The hard work of these performers has resulted in them being invited to perform at this year’s EKKA on the 17th of August. Please see the below link:

Mr Dean Ryschka
Mandarin Faculty