QAHS Dragon Dancers perform at Chinatown

On Saturday 1 July the QAHS Dragon Dance Team delivered their first public performances in Southport Chinatown as part of the Chinatown Street Markets. Wearing their official QAHS Dragon Dance T-shirts (designed by Raymond Tram, John Yoon and So Hyun Lee) the team provided three outstanding performances to a very excited and appreciative audience.

These performances are the culmination of a year and a half of practice conducted as part of a CAS group held every Wednesday after school. The original team comprised students from last year’s Year 11 cohort. Now that the original team are in Year 12, they are passing on their knowledge and skills to this year’s Year 11 students. The students who participated in the July performances were: Neeraj Bhatnagar, Jessy Barber, Michael Chen, Yohan Choi, Owen Chow, Sean Ciancio Gayler, Ray Feng, Joseph Han, Samuel Im, So Hyun Lee, Shane Lee, Riku Sato, Thomas Sheppard, Raymond Tram, Nathan Xue and John Yoon.

This opportunity would not have been possible if not for John Yoon taking the initiative and acting upon the request of his Mandarin teacher to contact the Gold Coast City Council to express the QAHS Dragon Dance Team’s interest to perform in the Southport Chinatown Street Markets.

Well done to all team members for displaying to the Southport public the QAHS spirit, and for demonstrating the IB Learner Profiles of risk-taking, balance, communication, and reflection.

Dragon Dancing2

Please see below for Samuel Im’s reflection:

“On the 1st of July, the dragon dancing group met together at Southport Chinatown to perform throughout the China Festival event that night. There was a total of three performances that night. We had not previously performed the dragon dance in public therefore we were nervous at the start and felt some pressure, however because I was doing it with other members I quickly came to enjoy the performance. Through working together collaboratively I recognised that even unfamiliar experiences were not a barrier to me, because everyone else was involved as well. Through the performances, we demonstrated engagement with issues of global significance as we were embracing the Chinese culture as well as representing their culture to show it to the public who may not know about the dragon dance. Members were also very encouraging to each other to keep the team motivated and to be great team members. Overall, it was a new and very exciting experience for the dragon dancing team.”

Mr Dean Ryschka
QAHS Dragon Dance Coordinator