QAHS Language Perfect winners in French

Language Perfect-logoLanguage Perfect is a competition where students from around the world learn vocabulary online, earn points and compete for awards and prizesStudents compete against each other, compete for their school and compete for their country! It’s fast paced, exciting, and very competitive. Teachers can tailor learning vocabulary to the curriculum students are working on in class!

Congratulations to the Health Sciences Campus students who participated in the 2014 Language Perfect World Championships 19 May – 29 May.  QAHS students embraced the competition and took out 1st place in the worldwide 1-50 students category!

Total questions answered globally: 187,170,294

Total questions answered at Queensland Academy for Health Sciences: 334,108

QAHS Achievements:

  • 1st overall in the 1-50 students category (out of 270 schools)
  • 1st in Australia for the 1-50 students category (out of 144 schools)
  • 141st overall globally (out of 1151 schools)
  • 18th overall in QLD (out of 176 schools)
  • 1st in QLD for the 1-50 students category (out of 53 schools)
  • 103rd overall in Australia (out of 778 schools)
  • 1st for French in the 1-50 students category (out of 162 schools)
  • 32nd overall in French (out of 962 schools)
  • 3rd for French in QLD (out of 131 schools)
  • 1st for French in Australia for the 1-50 students category (out of 74 schools)

Student Achievements:

Elite Awards: 1 (10,000+ points)
Gold Awards: 13 (3,000+ points)
Silver Awards: 3 (2,000+ points)
Bronze Awards: 18 (1,000+ points)
Credit Awards: 9 (500+ points)

Here is what some students said about the competition:

“The competition was so much fun, being able to watch and compete against others not only in our school but around the world. It was very exciting watching our points rise and seeing the others in the school who were competing getting excited too, but not only that it was also valuable tool for my study! It was really a win-win situation.”  Brooke

“I found the Language Perfect opportunity to be an interactive and engaging way for students to learn new vocab and revise. It provides an opportunity for revision in the students own time that are not available during class time.   À demain.”   Teresa

” I found it really useful and relevant but it is quite time consuming so it’s good to just do it for a certain period of time.”  Caroline 

“The Language Perfect Competition was the perfect opportunity for my friends and I to learn new French vocabulary and compete against each other for the highest mark. Together, we learned how to read and write new French words, as well as revise what we have already covered.  With everyone’s great efforts combined, we have managed to achieve an amazing victory for QAHS in a fun and enthusiastic way!”  Anna

“I would really like to recommend the Language Perfect program. It was really useful to me learning new words I had never seen before. The main thing I liked about it was the competitive nature of the program which made me want to learn more. It was also really useful for my upcoming French Oral as I got learn how certain words were pronounced which is really helpful. Cordialement.”   Sony 

“I found Language Perfect to be a really enjoyable way to quickly increase my vocabulary and sentence structure, doing the competition was both fulfilling and fun, it was especially motivating to see the scores of other students and to know that we were coming first in our category. I’m really glad that we were able to win and enjoyed being a part of the collective effort.”  Samuel

“Language perfect is an amazing way to enjoy and learn any language at the same time.  It incorporates an appealing format and lists which are challenging yet exciting.  Also, it subtly stresses a competitive side which is a leading motivator in completing the activities and learning effectively.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wishes to learn a new language.”  Josh

“From Monday 19 May until 29 May our school participated in the Language Perfect competition where we had to translate words from English to French and vice versa. I really enjoyed participating in this competition and it was good for developing my range of vocabulary and grammatical skills in French.”  Montana 

“I really liked the competition because we got to use Language Perfect as a study resource for our French exams and it has helped me do better.”  Bree 

“I am grateful to be given the opportunity to participate in the Language Perfect Competition because I learned a lot of new vocabulary by doing the quizzes but could also enjoy representing QAHS.  It was great watching our school moving up the scoreboard and we were all so excited that our hard work over the last week and a half has paid off, earning us 1st place in the 1-50 students category! Bon weekend.”  Rebecca

Madam Soulard
French Teacher