QAHS Language Perfect

Language Perfect-logoLanguage Perfect is a competition where students from around the world learn vocabulary online, earn points and compete for awards and prizes. Students compete against each other, compete for their school and compete for their country! It’s fast paced, exciting, and very competitive. Teachers can tailor learning vocabulary to the curriculum students are working on in class!

Congratulations to the Health Sciences Campus students who participated in the 2015 Language Perfect World Championships 18 May – 28 May.  QAHS students embraced the competition and placed 4th in the worldwide 1-50 students category and gained valuable house points in the QAHS House Challenge.

QAHS Student achievements:
Elite Awards: 2 (10,000+ points)
Gold Awards: 5 (3,000+ points)
Silver Awards: 3 (2,000+ points)
Bronze Awards: 2 (1,000+ points)
Credit Awards: 6 (500+ points)

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Students who participated commented:

“My experience participating in the Language Perfect Competition was incredibly useful as a study tool as well as for self-development. It helped me improve my spelling, build my vocabulary and provide me with more French background, allowing me to learn about and further understand the contexts and language mechanics used in French. Je l’aime!”  Linda Matey

“For me, the Language Perfect Competition was both exciting and challenging. Over the 10 days I found it difficult to keep a balance of my participation in the competition and schoolwork. At first I was skeptical, unsure of the benefits and the amount of time I should be setting aside. However I soon found it to be an enjoyable experience. I feel that through the competition, both my vocabulary and grammar in French has improved considerably, helping me with the writing test at school, and giving me a more sound knowledge of tenses overall.”  Stan Earnshaw

“By participating in the Language Perfect Competition, I was able to revise French grammar and vocabulary that I already knew, and learn new words that I could use or recognize in further reading, writing, or oral examinations.  My experience in this competition allowed me to develop useful skills such as reading and translating quickly and accurately.  I would definitely recommend this competition as it is a fun way to compete against friends, while also learning new vocabulary and skills for the future!”  Anna Foran

“I really enjoyed using Language Perfect because it is super addictive and fun. I found it very easy to pick up new and useful vocabulary words or phrases to use in my French classes. The modules cater to all kinds of learners by challenging you to translate from French to English and English to French as well as listening and speech exercises. I definitely recommend participating next year if you’re looking for something interesting to do in your spare time that simultaneously improves your foreign language skills.”  Talan Ramsay

“The Language Perfect Competition was very competitive because we were all trying to beat each other and get as many points as possible to be the best school in the competition, however it was also a fun experience and I feel more confident in my French abilities. I strongly encourage everyone to participate in this event next year!”  Montana Samantzis 

“Language Perfect was a fun and educational competition that allowed me to put my French skills into practice to compete against schools all over the world.”  Lara Durack

Well done and congratulations to all participants.

Madame Soulard
French Teacher