Pictured above (L-R): Jelena Price (Senior Counsel), Ellin Minogue (Junior Counsel) and Julia Bejleri (Instructing Solicitor)

At our recent Academy Assembly, the 2017 QAHS Mooting teams were presented with their certificates. Students have enjoyed extending themselves in developing their advocacy skills in both the Griffith University Law Students’ Association High Schools’ Mooting Championship (the QAHS team placing 1st) and the Bond University National High Schools’ Mooting Competition.

A moot is a legal argument based on a prescribed set of facts. In 2017, the Bond Moot focused on the negligence liability presented by a 16 year old accepting a car ride with an intoxicated driver. Mooting is designed to teach and test a range of analytical and advocacy skills and gives students an insight to the operation of the legal system.

Moots simulate as closely as possible the operation of a real court and the students certainly experienced this on mooting day responding to vigorous questioning from the bench. Students are required to explain the relevant legal principles, illustrate the application of those legal principles to the facts and convince the court their client should succeed.

Our gratitude is extended to Ms Narelle Bedford, Bond University Law Academic who provided coaching assistance to the team.

What you learn from joining the mooting team is not only public speaking skills but also about Law and the legal systems, something that dictates the decisions you make in everyday life. The mooting experience, for me, was definitely the most intense but also the most rewarding CAS experience I’ve participated in in my time at the Academy and I encourage everyone to try out for it next year.
Jelena Price, Senior Counsel

Although not in a speaking role myself, mooting was a great opportunity to truly understand what it’s like in the courtroom. Personally, I believe the experience of researching a current topic in context of the law has given me further insight into the Australian Court system. For those who are set on becoming lawyers, I believe high school mooting is a great starting point to hone your skills in presenting a convincing argument to the court. For those of us who are on a different pathway, mooting definitely provides a worthwhile opportunity to experience and understand law in daily life.
Julia Bejleri, Instructing Solicitor

Mooting Court

Mrs Vanessa Rebgetz
Deputy Principal/Mooting Coordinator and Law Club Supervisor