QAHS Senior Debating

Twenty Senior Debaters took part in the first four rounds of the Gold Coast Debating competition this year. They have debated against a large number of other Gold Coast schools on wide ranging and important local and global topics, such as employment, the environment, organ donation, education funding and censorship.

The Senior Debaters proudly represented their school on all occasions and enjoyed the intellectual cut and thrust of debating. This is a rewarding CAS activity that requires commitment and responsibility. Debating supports students’ personal, academic and social growth, not to mention that, winning or losing, it’s a lot of fun.

QAHS Senior Debating Team 1

Team 1 – Dilpreet Chadha,Talan Ramsay, Hannah Rogger-Amies, Naomi Smith and Ayla Tartic.

QAHS Senior Debating Team 2

Team 2 – Jenny Chan, Thilini Dissabandara, Alex Lee, Clare McMath and Zainab Noor.

QAHS Senior Debating Team 3

Team 3 – Grace Bukarica, Sean Ciancio Gayler, Ishaan Haikerwal, Rohaan Haikerwal and Kathryn Petty.

QAHS Senior Debating Team 4

Team 4 – Jessy Barber, Moiz Basha, Neeraj Bhatnagar, Matthew McCabe and Ben Patch.

I have been proud to be associated with our Senior Debaters and to announce that three of our teams have made it to the knock out rounds, which commence on 27 July. A special commendation goes to Team 3 who remained undefeated in the first four rounds.

The Senior Debaters were asked: What is the best thing about debating? Here are their answers:

  • Considering others’ perspectives
  • Opportunities for spontaneous improvisation
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Having a voice
  • Applying knowledge learnt at school, in the real world
  • Being proud of your team’s achievement
  • Collaborative team work
  • Meeting debaters from other schools
  • The feeling of victory
  • Competitiveness
  • Feeling that you’re right

Mary-Anne Wood
Debating Co-ordinator