It has been a fantastic start to the year for the QAHS STEM Mentors and there are some very exciting initiatives in store for 2019.

On Tuesday 19 February, our QAHS Year 11 STEM Mentors assisted in the Brilliant Futures | Introductory Year Science Workshop and Induction, along with the graduation ceremony for the cohort of Brilliant Futures | Investigative Year. Stephanie, one of the STEM mentors has provided a reflection around her involvement in this workshop below:

“On Tuesday, along with several other students, I was able to run a workshop with the Brilliant Futures students which allowed them to have a taste of what it was like to work in a lab environment. Even though they may have been a little nervous at first, each of them was eager to give the tasks a go. It was inspiring to see their risk-taking characteristics developed at such a young age. They were all able to effectively problem solve, analyse an issue and come up with a solution. It was definitely a pleasure for me to be able to work with such bright developing minds and help guide them through the workshop investigation. With such an eagerness to learn, I expect that they are bound for big things in the near future.”
Stephanie Kallas, Year 11 QAHS STEM Mentor

Additionally QAHS STEM mentors have been working hard on developing course content for online masterclasses for primary school students across the south-east region. These courses are being designed by the STEM mentor team in alignment to the Australian Curriculum. The lessons will be conducted during Weeks 2-7 in Term 2. Sara has provided an overview below:

“This year, the STEM mentors have initiated online courses for regional primary school students, which will commence in Term 2. The objectives of these courses are to give students an insight into the applications of STEM, as well as to trigger a curiosity and an interest, that will inspire them to pursue a career in these fields. There are currently three courses that are being worked on in the different areas of the sciences. They cover Physics, Chemistry and Exercise Science and are respectively named Brilliant Bridge Building, Marvellous Mixtures and Awesome Airways. These online courses will be an hour long and will be conducted through an online education platform called iConnect. The platform will enable students to partake in an eye-opening and fun journey, whilst they are at school. I am eager and am looking forward to teaching and inspiring these young groups of students.”
Sara Alaei, Year 11 QAHS STEM Mentor

Miss Laura Millar
Biology Faculty