QAHS Students establish a Model United Nations Club

Enthusiastic ‘self-starters’, QAHS year 10 students Iley Johnson and Naomi Smith have established a Model United Nations (MUN) Club as a student-led CAS project.  The MUN is an educational simulation of a real United Nations (UN) conference in which members participate in a mock UN Security Council.

MUN allows students to learn about different world views by taking on roles as diplomats from member nations. In role, the students debate certain topics from the perspectives of the countries they represent.

Students learn about diplomacy and international relations and the United Nations while improving their public speaking, debating, critical thinking, negotiation, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

Leaders Iley and Naomi said that, “Everyone should consider becoming a part of the MUN Club, because it is a fun way of learning about current world issues and developing leadership, communication and research skills, which are all very relevant to our school curriculum.”

Iley and Naomi have already held two meetings which take place on Friday afternoons after classes.


Lorna Hudson
Year 11