QAHS students extend their French knowledge and understanding

During the summer holidays, eight QAHS French students were awarded scholarships to participate in the Institute of Modern Languages (IML) vacation school at the University of Queensland (UQ). They were: Thilini Dissabandara, Sandya Indrajit, Clare McMath, Talan Ramsay and Radhika Sewram (Year 11) and Sophie Austerberry, Katie Ramage and Sophie Wells ( Year 12). This was a valuable opportunity to increase their skills in speaking French and expand their understanding of the French Culture.  Below students share their experience.

Mme M. Soulard
Professeur de Français
“Le UQ l’école de langue de vacance sont une très bonne opportunité pour réviser le contenu de l’année 10 et de commencer à apprendre le contenu pour l’année 11. Avoir sur les vacances de Noël est particulièrement pratique parce qu’il m’a aidé à conserver ma connaissance sur le français de l’année précèdent.”

“The UQ language IML program was an amazing opportunity. The course not only gave me a greater insight into the French language and culture, but also helped enormously with revision of past school topics covered and also extended to school topics that will be covered. The program gave me the chance to improve my French abilities in all areas of French and to interact with other French students from other schools around Gold coast, Brisbane and Toowoomba. The course was very insightful in regards to grammar, writing techniques and both speaking and auditory skills. I finished the course with a lot more confidence in my French abilities and would very much encourage students to take part in this program!”   Katie Ramage

“Le cours français à l’Université du Queensland était très utile pour améliorer mes compétences orales. Avant de prendre ce cours, je ne comprenais pas les autres personnes quand elles me parlaient en français. Il y avait beaucoup d’opportunités de pratiquer avec des locuteurs de langue maternelle française. Je suis ainsi plus confiant pour parler et pour comprendre quand on me parle.”

“The French course at the University of Queensland was the most helpful in order to improve my speaking skills. Before I took this course, I did not understand other people when they spoke in French. There were lots of opportunities to practice with native French speakers. I am more confident in speaking and listening.”   Talan Ramsay

“I found the summer language course to be a fun way to learn new French and practice what I knew during the holidays.  We did a mixture of activities during the week including reading articles, making up our own stories, listening to music, grammar revision, interpreting train tickets and movie scenes and on the last day we watched a French film about a Syrian girls life which was very interesting.  I also found it encouraging to make friends with French enthusiasts and learn with them in a new environment. I had a really good time.  Au revoir.”   Sophie Austerberry

“The French course at UQ wasn’t only beneficial in revising past content, but also in learning new content that was relevant to my upcoming French classes at school. It was very enjoyable as we got to do activities which were fun and engaging. It is also a great chance to make some new friends, as you share something in common with them- being able to speak in French. This is something you don’t usually get to do with others.

I definitely recommend it to other French students.  Au revoir.”   Radhika Sewram


Pictured L-R: Sandya Indrajit, Radhika Sewram, Claire McMath, Thilini Dissabandara and Talan Ramsay