QAHS students visit Todoroki High School Japan

Just five days after we finished our last IB exam in November 2014, seven of us now QAHS graduates flew to Japan for a holiday to reward ourselves. One of the most exciting things we planned was to visit Todoroki High School. Students from Todoroki High School came to Australia in August and stayed with QAHS students’ host families for a week.  I had Leo at my house during the time he was here. We shared lots of memories and had some serious fun in the short amount of time we were together. I was quite sad to see Leo leave, so I decided to meet him again in Japan.

I planned our visit with the Todoroki school teacher Shuta and asked him to keep it a secret. The Japanese students were therefore very surprised to see us in their classroom that day. They showed us around their school after the initial greetings and explained their usual school activities. In Japan, students are usually still on campus at 7.00pm doing extracurricular activities such as archery, soccer and orchestras. The culture was new and unfamiliar to us but it has made us understand and engage with the Japanese culture even more.

TCU_Todoroki_highschoolAfter the tour around the school, it was time for dinner and the Japanese students took us to a famous local ramen shop and we ordered our food (without really knowing what it was because the menu had no English). The dinner felt more like a family reunion as we chatted about all sort of things. During our conversations, I remembered when I took Leo to karaoke in Australia and suggested that we should go to karaoke again. The night concluded after a great three hours of non-stop singing (screaming) in both English and Japanese, in the end we waved our goodbye with the Japanese students and went back to our hotel.

All in all, we all shared an incredible and rich experience together, and I would like to thank both QAHS and Todoroki High School for giving us the opportunity to do so. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again in the future and relive this unforgettable experience.

Jerry Li
QAHS 2014 Graduate