QAHS welcomes guest speaker Eric Bailey

On Monday 6 August our Year 12 cohort was fortunate enough to listen to Eric Bailey speak. Eric Bailey is a former basketball player who played for the Hobart Devils, Melbourne Tigers and the Gold Coast Rollers who has now turned his passion into activational speaking.

Eric shared his high school experience in Los Angeles with us. He was one of 200 people who graduated out of a cohort of 1200 people, which was a proud moment for himself and his parents, as his parents had not completed primary school. This was a pivotal moment for the audience as he emphasized the importance of trying our hardest from the beginning and giving it our all to stand out from the crowd. ATTITUDE, PASSION and GIVING IT MORE THAN IS REQUIRED were Eric’s main points of advice.

He continued to tell us about his basketball experience in the professional league, as his sporting career took him from America to Australia. He detailed the amount of effort he put into trialling for teams, which made him stand out from competitors. He has taught us to never take a single opportunity for granted and to always put effort into everything. Alongside accentuating the necessity to say ‘yes’ to as many opportunities as we can to help us grow, he stressed how we should still take time out from school to care for ourselves and the people in our community. This is a perfect connection to the core CAS component of the IB, which focuses on having that balance in our life.

Eric’s spectacular talk with our grade put everything into perspective. We realized that our IB journey is nearing its end and now is the time to dig deep and find our motivation for when it really counts. It is essential to believe in our dreams, and know we can make them come true – never give up. Eric’s talk with us has made us all feel more equipped to tackle not only the IB, but the journey that lies beyond QAHS and the many relationships that we will develop in the future.

Italia Malik
Year 12