QAHS welcomes LIVIN

We were very pleased to host LIVIN #itaintweaktospeak at QAHS to promote and introduce Mental Health Week.

LIVIN is a not-for-profit organisation which promotes Healthy LIVIN = Healthy Mind.

The LIVIN vision: Community, connection, hope, and help will replace silence. “It Ain’t Weak to Speak”. Their Mission: Education and Generational change is the key to positive change.

All QA staff and students attended their session in Week 1.

The session focused on:
Statistics showing the prevalence of mental health challenges, discussion of societal responses to physically visible illness and injures as versus mental health challenges, a look at some high profile individuals who battle mental health challenges to show that mental health challenges don’t discriminate, as well as Mental health awareness. This included:

  • Know the warning signs
  • Positive prevention strategies
  • Gratitude and empathy
  • Know where to get professional help

Alita Blackmur
Year 10 Coordinator