Queensland Youth Strategy Forum

On Tuesday March 22, House Leaders, the Student Executive and Health & Wellness Ambassadors had the privilege of attending the Queensland Youth Strategy Forum. It is designed to allow youth in Queensland to ‘have their say’ and express their opinions on the future of Queensland. Young Queenslanders involved in this forum are also given the opportunity to devise solutions for current issues that we face as a state and ultimately, shape our own future. Collectively, QAHS has had the honour to be identified as future community leaders and our school was the only one chosen for this program.

Youth Strategy Forum discussions 1

During this forum, we were not only given the opportunity to make our opinions known to the Queensland government but also gained a substantial amount of knowledge from the special guests that participated in the event. We were engaged in improving Queensland in the aspects of safe, active and inclusive communities, education and training, health and well-being, environment and sustainability and employment, jobs, business and industry.

Youth Strategy Forum discussions 2

I was involved in the discussion revolving around the topic of employment, jobs, business and industry. Throughout the duration of the forum, I was exposed to many different perspectives and ways of viewing certain issues. For example, it was agreed that young people in Queensland needed more passion in their careers in order to increase the retainment of staff in businesses. Young people in Queensland were also finding difficulty in getting employment due to their lack of experience. However, this was due to many graduates working in a company for the duration of training and later leaving the company for a better or larger one. This resulted in the majority of businesses being unwilling to employ young people in fear of their financial resources not benefitting the organisation. Due to the engaging discussions that were happening about employment, jobs, businesses and industry, we were all able to gain different perspectives and ideas from our peers and special guests at our table. Although it is a norm to be respectful of others opinions when engaged in a discussion, we were encouraged to be critical of ideas during this forum and present counter arguments. This was extremely beneficial in helping us to identify the different ways people view issues and how we could collectively come up with a solution that would be functional for most people. Our suggestions were then gathered and compiled, to be brought to the attention of the Queensland Government in April.

Youth Strategy Forum discussions 3

During this forum, we were not only given the opportunity to present our ideas and changes that we wanted to see in Queensland, we were also able to gain different perspectives of certain situations and increase our open mindedness. I also found that my awareness of our state and the issues we currently face, had more breadth to it and were more complex and required more consideration when seeking solutions. I am very grateful to be involved in the Queensland Youth Strategy Forum and look forward to working in conjunction with the QAHS Community as future community leaders to create an enhanced future for the next generation of Queenslanders.

Ng, VictoriaVictoria Ng
Year 11