Ray’s reflection on the National CPA Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition

Ray 3

As the Queensland winner of the CPA Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition (PYOE), Ray Feng travelled to Melbourne from 12 to 14 October to represent the state at the national competition. During this stage of the competition, Ray was required to deliver a 10 to 15 minute presentation on his business plan to a panel of judges, followed by a question and answer session. Ray was also availed of the opportunity to meet with the winners from each state, network with various business leaders, as well as take in some of Melbourne’s sites. Congratulations Ray for your outstanding achievement. Ray’s reflection on this invaluable experience, which he presented at the QAHS assembly on 25 October, can be found below.

“On Wednesday 2 weeks ago I was lucky enough to travel to Melbourne for three days with all expenses paid for me. There I participated in the national CPA Plan Your Own Enterprise Business Plan Competition. I had to prepare a 15-20 minute presentation and compete against seven people from other states. Each of them were the winners of their state division and they were all very intelligent and very creative. Sadly, I was not able to bring home the winning $2500 cheque but I was able to win $150, and gain a lot from this experience. I met and learned a lot from seven other intelligent and potentially successful people from the other states and also met many already successful business people. For example, I met Jessy. Although he is still very young, he is the relationship manager of CPA Australia. However, that was not all I did for three days. I had the chance to tour Melbourne city, I got to eat a lot of good food and I also visited the MCG with the other state winners. If I Ray 1reflect on my experience, the trip was very fun, very educational and completely free. So how do you get this opportunity? For the year 10s next year, in term 3, you will be asked to write a business plan for the CPA PYOE competition and if you win the state division, you also will get to go to Melbourne for free. I encourage all year 10s next year to be risk takers and try their very best in this competition and hopefully someone could achieve what I couldn’t and win the whole Australian competition. That would be amazing.”

Dean Ryschka
Business Management Teacher