Ride the Korean Wave


Exam block ended in Term 3 with an explosion of cultural learning and enriching global perspectives. Selected as one of only five schools in Queensland to host the Ride of the Korean Wave event, the campus was alive with drumming, feasting, dancing and leaping as students were immersed in aspects of Korean culture.

The Korean Cultural Centre, based in Sydney, flew a renowned Korean Jang-gu drummer to Australia especially for the event and we were enthralled with his lightning fast crescendo of beats performed in the Lecture Theatre as part of the official opening. Taekwondo warriors chopped bamboo with a single strike and leapt over a huddle of students. K-Pop dancers performed to Korean hit songs. Then it was the students turn as expert guides led students in learning new skills in Taekwondo, Korean cooking, K-Pop and Jang-gu drumming.

A special thanks to our Student Ambassadors who assisted performers and students throughout the day: Jonghyun Jeon, Sungwoo Jin, Karen Kim, Gloria Lee, Graham McCullough, Maria Saito, Brandon Wang, James Yoon and Jin You.

Reflection perspectives on the Ride the Korean Wave event:

“Ride the Korean Wave was an insightful experience to learn about the Korean culture through various workshops such as K-Pop, Jang-gu drumming, Taekwondo and the delightful Korean cuisine. I undertook challenges and developed new skills in the Jang-gu drumming and the K-Pop session. The drumming session was particularly fascinating as many different sounds were created on each side of the drum and by changing the leather buckle to tighten or loosen the drum changed it from a high pitched sound to a lower sound. The dancing was especially difficult as contemporary Korean music is quite upbeat and fast. However, after a few attempts, I was able to fully perform the 13 second routine. The K-Pop required us to work collaboratively as we followed our instructor to learn the steps. The global significance of this event is that, we are all confronting new cultures and we need to understand to value these new cultures as well as having a diverse knowledge of different societies and their traditions.”
Aditi Bhushan – Year 11

“South Korea has a rich culture of traditional, historical and contemporary. Being able to learn about these cultures has expanded my appreciation of other cultures worldwide and allowed me to be socially accepting. To be chosen as one of the few schools in Australia for this event to be held is impressive and being involved in such an event leaves me thankful for the opportunity. I learned from this activity that being open-minded is definitely appropriate to be in an IB learner profile, as to be an international/global minded student I need to be exposed to other cultures and learn to be accepting towards them and appreciate them.”
Arin Ginn – Year 11

Mrs Vanessa Rebgetz
Deputy Principal