Runaway Bay Leadership Summit

QAHS provides students with many wonderful leadership opportunities throughout the year. The Runaway Bay Leadership Summit is just one of these.  In 2018, from December 3 – 5, four of our Year 11 students; Jarrod Chen, Siobhan Lau, Yuri Kuroda and Jin You (pictured L-R) were involved in a three day intense workshop developing leadership and communication skills, hearing stories from inspiring guest speakers, and learning more about what type of leader they are.  A truly informative and unforgettable experience for them. Read the following article written by Jarrod Chen (current year 12 student).

“The few days we’ve spent at the Runaway Sports Centre participating in the Leadership Summit has been very enlightening. Over the course of the workshop we’ve discussed and explored all the variety of factors that makes one a good leader. We’ve had the opportunity to listen to many different inspirational speakers that shared their knowledge of leadership with us. Along with student leaders from other schools, we were given many challenges and activities that each taught us an important value of leadership, all the while allowing us to develop our own unique identity as a leader. Overall, this has been a very fun experience and has challenged us to think critically about the meaning of leadership, and how to be successful at leadership. Without a doubt, all the teachings from this camp will definitely help us in our various paths in the future, allowing us to be the best leaders we can be.”

Mrs Patricia Carta
Acting HOD Global Learners