Science focus on essential problem solving skills in Biology and Chemistry

On Tuesday 5 May, QAHS held its fourth intensive study day of the year, focussing on the Group 4 sciences. The day was divided into two halves, which focussed on Chemistry and Biology respectively.

Organised by Dr Kay, Mr Mitchell and Mr Cooper, the Chemistry session primarily focussed on one of the option topics, Analytical Chemistry, with a particular focus on three techniques – infra-red spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy. These topics enabled students to develop their problem-solving skills by tackling an area of the syllabus involving a large degree of lateral thinking, creativity and to some extent, trial and error.

5D1_8786The second half of the day was dedicated to Biology, and was divided into a further three session through which students rotated over the course of the afternoon – a workshop on tackling drawing objectives with Mr Lal, a genetics overview with Mr Craig-Ward and data analysis practice with Ms Schulte-Loh.

Year 12 student Rebecca Norvock, who attended both sessions, said “I found the focus day for Chemistry and Biology really helpful as teachers were able to conduct classes that were dedicated to particular topics that were difficult throughout the course. The additional help and worksheets we were given definitely improved my understanding of the topics for the exam.”

The science focus day aided students with common areas of difficulty within their chosen subjects, and enforced valuable skills that will help them in their final IB exams.

Hudson, LornaLorna Hudson
Year 12
Student Reporter