Showcasing pedagogy for gifted students of QAHS #4

Thinking mathematically …on your feet!

At first glance, I wondered what subject this class was studying… I had been invited by Mr Gary Fox to observe his use of a gifted pedagogy strategy for a Year 10 Mathematics class. However, there seemed to be too many students smiling in this class… I thought I had come to the wrong room…
But, I watched things unfold…   Mr Fox said that he uses this sudden elimination game called ‘Bottles’ as a way of keeping his high achieving mathematics students engaged in their studies.

He elaborated, “The game of ‘Bottles’ encourages young Mathematicians to play with numbers and become problem-solvers rather than simply being followers of mathematical rules.  The game involves concentration, focused attention, mental flexibility and, above all, a highly developed knowledge and understanding of numbers, multiples, factors and number composition.  Students who are gifted in Mathematics need to demonstrate mathematical versatility and the ability to ‘think on their feet’.”

As the game progressed and students were eliminated from the competition, the tension was palpable….

Finally, the still up-standing competitors were reduced to a ‘face-off’ between two: Erin Wagner (left) and Angela Duong (right)… the last women standing!

Erin Wagner & Angela Duong

HOWEVER, only one student was finally left standing!!!!

Yeah... congratulations Angela!

Congratulations to Angela!

Rosalie Everest
QAHS Gifted and Talented Committee member