Sisters 4 Success

As part of Women’s Week, on Tuesday 5 March, Daria Chernova, Zanthia Edwards, Skyla Fick, Celeste McPhee and myself, Mandisa Hargraves, attended the Sisters 4 Success event at the Multicultural Communities Council Gold Coast (MCCGC). The event consisted of guest speakers, inspirational women and an amazing lunch. QAHS and a handful of other schools did physical activity, shared our stories and dreams and bonded over similar aspirations.

We were lucky enough to meet two women who are now part of the official Sun’s AFL team, and it was a privilege to get to know their story. Even though they were making women’s history, they were still humble yet grateful to be such an inspiration to aspiring young girls, who wish to one day, play a male-dominated sport. The girls also showed us some of their AFL tricks with a footy, which resulted in bonding, laughter and smiles.

Overall, it was a privilege to be able to attend the 2019 Sisters 4 Success event, and the stories and advice that all of the girls heard is sure to stay with us for a very, very long time. To hear about how the women we met came from almost nothing to build their way to happiness and empowerment was eye-opening and inspirational.

Mandisa Hargraves
Year 10 Student