Sparking the flame of entrepreneurship

Bond Business School’s Ideas Camp 2016, was a full-on, one day business boot-camp designed exclusively for our next gen corporate adventurers in Year 11 and 12. The University brought together some of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs; Cathy May from Pet Wellness Centres, Rory and Joel from Studio Workshop, Baden U’Ren Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at Bond University and Navdeep Pasricha, current Bondy and winner of the Bond Business Accelerator (BBA) Demo Day, to stir the embers of high school students’ business dreams.

Mrs Vanessa Rebgetz
Principal (Acting)/Business Management Teacher

“One activity which I really enjoyed was when we were asked to create our own business in a group utilising an element of a cow. The business we created was called Moo Moo’s Baby Milk, which was a product that tested babies for nutritional deficiencies and created a formula implemented into cow’s milk specified to each individual baby depending on the nutrition they needed. We were also given a very interactive and engaging motivational speech where we learnt how one student came from being anxious and depressed to the happy and confident person he is today. He set up different activities that explored emotional connections which can impact each individual’s opportunities for different possibilities in life. Overall the day was very interesting and fun and I enjoyed meeting and interacting with students from different schools who all held the same ideals: To become the future’s next entrepreneurs.”

McPherson, SashaSasha McPherson
Year 11


“The Bond Business Ideas Camp was a worthwhile experience of us as it put our taught topics into action in a real life context. The day was filled with exciting business stories, from businesses that haven’t quite fully started up yet, to those that have gone on to be a success on a local and international level. Owners from the Pet Wellness Centre and Studio Workshop were invited along to give their perspectives of their business journey so far, from creating their own business while still studying in university, to becoming a well-known name in the industry. The day gave worthwhile ideas and tips to creating our very own business and brilliant ways on how to go from initial creation to market leader.”

Beatty, SaulSaul Beatty
Year 11