Stepping up and speaking out

QAHS is pleased to announce the involvement of International Toastmaster Mr Mark Hunter who is working closely with QAHS students this term in the development of their public speaking skills. Complete Presentation Skills @ QAHS will run for six weeks with a group of sixteen self-nominated students focusing on the development of:

  • impromptu and prepared speech presentation skills,
  • networking and interpersonal communication, and
  • meeting etiquette.

Mark draws on his expertise as a Toastmasters Coach to support students in the development of their public speaking skills. He is the World Champion of Public Speaking for 2009, for the Toastmasters Organisation. The World Championships are held annually, attracting 35 000 competitors each year. There are only five speakers from outside the North American continent ever to win this title.

Complete Presentation Skills @ QAHS is designed to develop students’ skills wherever they may be in their individual level of experience and confidence with public speaking, novice to accomplished. Students agree that we all have much to learn. To nominate themselves, students were required to outline their public speaking experience and how they intend to use the skills learnt from the course. Students are engaging in all attributes as an IB Learner as they step up to the challenge of weekly “Home Play” assignments to present to their peers for feedback at the next session.

We look forward to watching students’ skills develop as the Program unfolds.

For more information on Mr Mark Hunter and his World Championship speech, see

Vanessa Rebgetz
Deputy Principal