Students excel at the 2014 MLTAQ Gold Coast Speech Contest

mltaqlogonewpngQAHS French students have excelled at this year’s Modern Language Teachers’ Association of Queensland (MLTAQ) Gold Coast Speech Contest.  Congratulations to all students who took up the challenge of the competition and the opportunity to practice their French oral skills.  QAHS student results were:

YEAR 11:  1st Place: Nicole Drake

YEAR 12:  Highly Commended:  Nicole Nuth-Un  

YEAR 10 Ab initio:  1st Place: Daniel You
Highly Commended:  Alice Cho, Hannah Roger-Amies and Micaella Jeong

YEAR 11 Ab initio:  1st Place:  Montana Samantzis
Highly Commended:  Rebecca Norvock and Tyra Kruger 

Nicole, Daniel and Montana (pictured above) share their thoughts about the competition:

“On 17 August, my friends and I entered the Gold Coast Language Speech Contest which was held at Griffith University. The contest was assessed on our two minute speeches in which we prepared throughout the time. The preparation towards the competition was a challenging, yet an enjoyable time, collaborating with our peers in advancing our knowledge of the French language. Further on, the speech criteria was closely related to our school assessment.

I truly enjoyed the speech contest, it allowed me to gain personal confidence, not only in the language (French), but also for future competitions in which are waiting for me. It also gave me a chance to meet some new IB students from other regions.

The speech contest was a very exceptional experience to all of us. I recommend applying for the speech contests to all students, especially to those students who need extra self-confidence in class tasks, such as the French oral assessments. I gratefully thank Madame Soulard and Madame Groner for assisting us towards the competition and also organising such things throughout the year.
Daniel You, Year 10

“On Sunday 17 August, I and several other QAHS students studying French competed in the 2014 MLTAQ Gold Coast Speech Contest at Griffith University. There were many participants from schools all over the Gold Coast. I competed in the Year 11 category for French; we were required to write a speech on either health, leisure, travel or entertainment. We then had to memorise our speech and perform it in front of judges. I talked about the impact of smoking and drinking on health. We were all a little nervous, but it was worth it as we got to talk to old friends and improve our language skills. This was a great experience and I recommend to everyone to participate in the Speech Contest!”
Nicola Drake, Year 11

“On Sunday 17 August, a group of QAHS students in years 10 and 11 participated in the MLTAQ French Speaking Competition at Griffith University. We were required to give a speech to two judges and then answer questions about it, being judged on our fluency, pronunciation and overall speaking ability. It was a nerve wracking but fun experience and we got to develop speaking and responding skills which are useful for our French studies at school.  Au revoir.
Montana Samantzis, Year 11

Madame Soulard and Madame Groner – French Language Faculty