Studying Medicine – the inside story!

QAHS Year 11 foundation student and 2009 graduate, Nidhi Krishnan came back to QAHS this month for a Q&A on what it’s really like to be a university student of Medicine. Soon to be Dr Krishnan, Nidhi completes her medical degree at Griffith University this year and shared insights into how to apply and what to expect undertaking this degree.  Around 25 year current QAHS 11 and 12 students who are interested in studying medicine attended this great opportunity for some advice on maximising their chance of gaining entry, what the whole degree is like and what a student can expect from studying medicine.  Nidhi also covered some of the future possibilities for students of Medicine upon completion.  Nidhi was another young student to QAHS in 2008 and now at just 21 years of age with the future looking so very bright, will be among the first of the QAHS group of graduating doctors this year. See Nidhi’s Q&A session here.

Jane Sleeman