The Academy Gifted and Talented Thinking Day Conference – A reflection

On Monday, 18 May 2015, a group of Year 10, Year 11 and 12 QAHS students were privileged to experience the great ‘Gifted and Talented Study Day’ Conference held in Brisbane.

As two of the students from Year 10 who were fortunate to be selected for this opportunity following an application process for a school-sponsored registration, we really enjoyed listening to the thought-provoking presentations from very experienced and wise lecturers. Throughout the conference, the unique topics such as Sexual Ethics and other topics motivated us to open our minds to new concepts.

Another interesting part of the day was the House Debate where we were able to voice our own opinions on a major science vs. humanities showdown through the suggestion that Civilization would disintegrate into barbarism without science.

Every single one of the lecturers’ words provoked an entire passage of thought within our heads. The entire day was very influential on all of our minds and the formation of our own strong ethical position on the topics discussed.

Main picture top row L-R:
Ethan Bryant, Ayla Tartic, Zainab Noor (Year 10), Alice Cho (Year 11), and Martina Vuckovac (Year 12)
Bottom row L-R:
Shariq Shiyaad, Elke Howell, Georgia Politakis, Shey Gornitsky and Bree Schuch (Year 12)

Zainab Noor and Ayla TacticZainab Noor and Ayla Tartic
Year 10