The Power of STEM

An initiative of Advancing education: An action plan for education in Queensland, the STEM Girl Power Camp brings together, from all parts of the state, some of Queensland’s brightest young female science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students. The STEM Girl Power Camp encourages bright young women to embrace STEM education and consider a STEM-based career.

Following her selection and participation in the 2017 STEM Girl Power Camp, Year 11 student Sarah Linning pursued a STEM Ambassador role working via an e-learning platform with primary school aged students. The program recently culminated in a presentation and workshop afternoon at QAHS.

With her kind permission we have reproduced an article, published by South-East Region STEM Champion Jane McLaren for the April edition of Teaching and Learning Connect:

“After attending the 2017 STEM Girl Power Camp and being an ambassador for the rest of the year, my interest and passion for STEM has grown along with my leadership abilities.  I was able to work with and interact with like-minded students from all parts of Queensland.  As a result of this learning, I initiated a project with the intention of providing an extracurricular learning opportunity for a small group of girls from four different schools in the rural Gold Coast region. The six week course focused on aspects of STEM, in particular, chemistry, specifically separating mixtures and water quality. The course was closely connected with real life applications, and at the close of the course, the students participated in a Wind Turbine Workshop which helped to consolidate their learning of scientific report writing and investigation. I have learnt so much through this experience and working with the students.  I am looking forward to continuing to share my enthusiasm of STEM with other students.”
Sarah Linning, Year 11 student, Queensland Academies Health Sciences Campus

Sarah is indeed continuing her STEM Ambassador role at QAHS and is currently working with a group of Year 10 students to coach them in their role as STEM Mentors. Sarah and the STEM Mentors will attend the Brilliant Futures Gold Coast STEM Camp being held in the Gold Coast hinterland this coming weekend to guide and assist students as they are introduced to scientific inquiry in local waterways.


Mrs Vanessa Rebgetz
Deputy Principal