Third Chinatown performance for the QAHS Dragon Dancers

On Saturday 7 October the QAHS Dragon Dancers participated in their third public performance at the Southport Chinatown Markets. QAHS was scheduled for three performances at this event.

Now that the Year 12 Dragon Dancers have retired in order to focus their energies on the upcoming final IB exams, it was up to the seasoned Year 11s and Year 10 newcomers to fill the void. The Year 11s delivered the first performance, and the Year 10s covered the remaining two. Both the Year 11 and Year 10 students did not fail to impress the crowd, once again demonstrating how much of a highlight the QAHS Dragon Dancers are for local patrons and vendors at this monthly event. Well done to all participating students for keeping alive the QAHS Dragon Dancing spirit which is rapidly becoming an integral part of the QAHS culture. A special word of congratulations is required for the Year 10 Dragon Dancers who performed exceptionally well despite only having several weeks of training. Their skill is a testament to their dedication and determination.

“On the 7th of October, the QAHS dragon dancing team was fortunate enough to be able to perform the dragon dance at the Southport China town. There were a total of 3 performances from the QAHS team, the first from the Year 11 team at 5:30pm, the Year 10 team at 6:30pm and lastly the second year 10 team at 7:30pm. Each performance lasted around 10 minutes and the dance routine went perfectly as planned with a few extra talents on the gong and an unfortunate dropping of the drum sticks, well recovered. Training leading up to this event began on the Wednesday of Week 3, Term 3, with each session lasting one hour. The new Year 10s were taught by the experienced Year 11 team and the Year 10’s were able to quickly catch up and learn at a significantly fast rate. Over the course of 8 weeks, including Mr Ryschka’s encouragement, the dragon dancing teams were finally prepared for the performance.  The Dragon dancing was an entertaining yet valuable experience  and I am looking forward to our next performance.

P.S. Mr Ryschka owes us dinner :)”

Jin You – Year 10 Student

Mr Dean Ryschka
Mandarin Teacher