UNYA State Conference

The United Nations Youth Association (UNYA) State Conference was held from 23 -25 February. A delegation of students from QAHS attended the conference including:

Lisa Baillette, Maddy Buckley, Maeve Cairns, Amy Dehghan, Annabel Jellett, Joshua McAllan, Amy Prince, Nicole Raju, Xocel Rampino-Gallo, Jasmine Thach, Brandon Wang and Alex Young.

“The United Nations Youth Association (UNYA) Queensland Youth Conference 2018 is a three-day residential seminar for students from Years 9 and 10 across Queensland to gather and learn about leadership, diplomacy, advocacy and international affairs. This year we discussed the difficulties that faced leaders of today. Through the workshops and activities, many friendships were formed with the other passionate students that shared common interest to one day contribute change in local communities and the world.

From all around Queensland and Northern New South Wales, more than 125 students attended, including 10 QAHS students, to the conference at the Sunshine Coast Recreation Centre from February 23rd to 25th. All the participants immensely enjoyed these three days as it was challenging, informative and changed perspectives on our knowledge and views of the world.

The 2018 theme was power, diplomacy and influence. In an evolving world, politics and diplomacy interact with national identity, cultural cohesion, conflict, and personal beliefs.

We met students from the other Queensland Academies campuses and we all became closer as we got to know each other more over the weekend. On the first day we were meeting the faculties and delegates, also preparing for some complex discussions and, listening to and questioning guest speakers. The second day was mostly discussing the issue through workshop and tackling a simulated crisis in an Interactive Problem Solving activity. At night, there was trivia and a neon-themed dance to celebrate the last night. The final day everyone represented their allocated country and was a member state of the United Nations in Model UN debate. It was overwhelming yet full enthusiasm and energy as everyone was so passionate.

There were serious and intense moments; however, there were also the silly and amusing moments. It opened my eyes to different ways we can influence the world, to change it and allow our voices to be heard. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to experience this conference and would recommend it to students to participate in the future.”Amy Dehghan (Year 10)

Miss Alita Blackmur
HOD Global Learners