Upcoming France Trip

While trying to stay focussed on their end of year exams, some lucky QAHS students take the time to reflect on their upcoming adventure to France.

As the French Trip soon approaches, I have become both full of excitement as well as nerves! France is a beautiful country and I am very eager to see the main attractions, like the Eiffel Tower, but also live in the small town in which I will be staying with my host family. My host family is a family of 5 who love shopping, cinema, music, cooking and hiking! During my time in France, I hope to try some delicious food, visit great sites, make new friends as well as significantly improve my French speaking abilities. I am very excited to immerse myself in the French culture and I cannot wait for the trip! – Adela Gokovi

For the past year I have been preparing to go to France over the summer holidays. It has been quite fun but also a long process. I have been talking to my French host family for the past few weeks and have found out that they have two pet cats and a pet gold fish and can speak English and German as well as French. During my time there, I will be going to school with a girl called Carole who is the same age as me and I will be spending Christmas and New Year’s Day with them. – Gabi Chatwood

It is now just under a month until the trip to France and I am so excited. Although I’m extremely nervous that my conversational French won’t be up to scratch, my host family are learning English and will be conscious of my French struggles, which takes a little bit of pressure off. We just got our itinerary for Paris and we are visiting some of the most famous and beautiful French sites and will be given the chance to be tourists before being carted off to spend a few weeks with a French family. The thing I am most excited about is having a traditional white Christmas, which will be a welcome change from the usual sweltering Australian Christmas. – Sidne Sheather

I have never been overseas before so I can’t wait. It will be the experience of a life time. It will be the first time I am away from my parents with minimal contact and I love it, it will drive my mum crazy though. I have a family in Saverne, 45 km away from the German border. The family I am staying with has already made contact with me and the majority of the time I am spending there has already been planned out. I am staying with a family whose children are older than me so it will be very different considering I am the oldest in my family. – Michael Bouchaud

At the end of the year, I am going to France with QAHS. I am looking forward to going as I have only ever been to Fiji and France will be a new experience. I have been learning French all year and I am looking forward to putting my skills into action. I also know that this trip will improve my French by a huge amount and I hope this will result in better grades next year. For the first 4 days, we are going to Paris and I am especially looking forward to seeing the Eiffel Tower. I am also excited to see the famous museums, galleries and castes, as these are what France is best known for and are famous aspects of French history. After these 4 days of seeing France as a tourist, we are going to our host families where we will get to experience France from a local’s perspective and learn about the culture by living there and experiencing it first-hand. I have recently received my host family and I am looking forward to interacting with my host sisters and host parents as I would if I were part of their family. I know that it will be a challenging experience but it will be very fulfilling and is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. – Bree Schuch

I believe the French trip will be an enlightening experience, and will truly develop my French skills – especially in speaking and listening. I have begun communicating with my buddy in France and I know that it will be a true immersion of the French culture and become an unforgettable memory. I am very excited about the trip and I can’t wait to see how different the family life and school situation will be! – Tara Nelson

On the third of December, 15 other students and I will be traveling to France for 6 weeks. We will get to spend 4 days exploring Paris together, and then we will travel to our host family. By the end of last week, we had all found out who our host families are and we are now able to communicate with them. This is allowing me to do a little bit of extra practice before I leave and get to know my host family. I have been learning about their school, such as they go to school every day from 8 till 4:45, but on Wednesday they only go in the morning. They have also been preparing me for the freezing cold weather, telling me I need to bring a jumper! Overall, everyone embarking on the trip is extremely excited to develop our skills in French. – Caitlin Manley

This December, 15 students will be embarking on an exciting challenge where we will be exploring the French culture. As our departure date comes closer, we are all becoming extremely excited and some of us are nervous! During our holiday, we are going to spend 4 days exploring Paris and the rest of the 6 weeks will be spent with our French host families! I have started to contact my family, they are so lovely and we have started making plans

of what we can do when I arrive! This trip will not only be beneficial to my French speaking skills but also an experience that I will never forget. – Isla Macdonald

I am very excited to go to France because I have never been overseas before. My family and I have been communicating on e-mail and they have been very welcoming of me into their family. My house for 6 weeks is in a small village near Nancy and it is in the country side. In my family there is one girl my age (Emeline) who I will go to high school with and also a younger sister (Julie) who is 11. In France we are expected to speak fully in French in order to achieve the best improvement in the language. We will be in Paris for four days together as a school group and we have organised activities to show us the city. Hopefully it is a life-changing experience and I will be able to go back to France in the future. – Anita Alexus