We would love to hear your story!

We have invited all QA students, parents and staff, present and graduated to provide a testimonial to assist with our improvement agenda and marketing pursuits. The Academies are looking to gather some stories about your experiences with us to share with the broader community. If you could kindly contribute to our testimonials we would greatly appreciate it.

Here are some stimulus questions:

  • What do you think is unique about QA?
  • Do you have a success story from your experience with QA?
  • Did you have any concerns about coming to QA?
    How were those concerns resolved?
  • After you started at QA, did anything surprise you?
  • What’s the best thing about QA?
  • Would you recommend Queensland Academies to others?  If so, why?

We have received a number of responses and hope to increase these to gather comprehensive information to share with our community.  If you haven’t yet done so I hope you can spend a few minutes to complete the testimonial form here:   https://www.formstack.com/forms/?1741217-TTAHvExwbD

A sample of the responses so far:

“I am a Year 11 student currently attending the Queensland Academy for Health Sciences. Before coming to QA, I had many concerns such as whether or not I would be able to cope with the workload, whether the people were going to be friendly and whether I would still have time to participate in other outside of school activities. All of these concerns were resolved within the first week or two of attending the school. The teachers are all caring and friendly and willing to assist you with anything you may need clarification on. It is also a very collaborative school and if you have any troubles with work or a particular subject, other students will gladly help you. I would definitely recommend the Queensland Academies to others as attending here has opened up many opportunities and allowed me to have fantastic experiences within a great schooling community.” Current Year 11 student.

“…I have heard (my child) talk with her fellow friends and students (and ex QAHS students) and only positive happy moments are spoken of. Before (my child) started at QAHS, I had heard a couple of ex QAHS students say they never wanted to leave, and now I hear my own daughter and her friends say the same.”  Current parent.

“We love QAHS more than anything – the last 10 years of education has come to such a 3 year great end in a great supportive place.” Current parent.

“What makes QA unique is the lovely people, the atmosphere to succeed, and the great facilities assisting the success. After completing the International Baccalaureate my standard of work at university is very high”  2010 graduate.

There is a particular community created by the teachers and students of QA. I liked it a lot and immediately felt comfortable after starting in a new high school. Everyone at the school wanted to be there which made the experience that much more enjoyable. I would recommend QA to anyone who is passionate about learning in a particular field. I would also encourage the IB as a beneficial, non-competitive learning program. I was lucky enough to get into the degree I wanted. Without QA I don’t think I would ever have found my true passion for psychology and helping the community.”  2012 graduate.

“QA prepared me for the real world and I know how many times they will tell you this at school and it’ll probably just fly over your head, but I guarantee you will look back and be thankful for the rigorous tests of the IB.”  2012 graduate.

“The experience of working at a Queensland Academy is to be cherished.  The students are absolutely amazing, so mature and bright, the staff are fully committed to supporting students to realise their potential and the environment is so clean and well resourced.”  Current staff member.

Jane Sleeman