Week 5 Sport News

Week 5 saw some intense sporting action with Students facing off against Staff for another highly anticipated match, as well as another hotly contested Inter-house Sports competition.

The students attempted to reclaim the title from the staff. This time both teams met on the netball court. While the students showed great determination, they were ultimately annihilated by the staff with a score of 21 to 1. The results for 2018 are 2-0 (Staff). The students will have the chance to reclaim the title in Term 3 with a European Handball match.

The inter-house sports competition saw houses competing in basketball. Thursday’s heats resulted in Ventus playing against Aqua for 1st and 2nd place, and Terra playing against Ignis for 3rd and 4th place.

The final scores for these two matches were:

Terra vs Ignis 15 to 6 (Terra)
Ventus vs Aqua 10 to 8 (Ventus)

Therefore the places are as follows:

1st Ventus
2nd Aqua
3rd Terra
4th Ignis

Well done to all participating students for your principled sportsmanship.

Next term’s Inter-house and Staff versus Students competition is all about European Handball.

Mr Dean Rsychka
Sports Coordinator