Well done 2015 Kokoda Challenge participants

The 2015 Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge was held on the 18-19 July and is hailed as one of Australia’s toughest endurance events.  It is a gruelling, cross country, 4-person team event held over 96km, with a time limit for completion of maximum 39 hours.

The QA Scrambled Legs team (main picture L-R) Miss Blackmur, Sophie Graziani, Charlee Baird, Rebecca Jiang, and Katie Ramage, finished the 96km challenge in 28 hours and 33 minutes. I am just so proud of them. The Kokoda challenge motto is COURAGE, MATESHIP, SACRIFICE and ENDURANCE. The team demonstrated all of these qualities throughout the challenge.

Thank you all for your messages of support during the weekend. They were read to the team throughout the challenge and VERY much appreciated.

QA Scrambled Legs & Support CrewEach team member fought through their own demons during the challenge. Suspected groin tear,  full ‘ball of the foot’ blisters, knee injuries and extreme tiredness. All of the girls were courageous and persevered through the pain. They just ‘trudged’ home. Our time slowed during the final 18kms. To watch the girls endure the pain was difficult. I could not do anything for them except support and count down the kilometres until the finish. I really found this tough.

The parent and student Support Crew were an integral part of the challenge. In many ways, they had a tougher job then we did. They withstood the cold weather and long wait times to provide a positive, supportive environment for us that pepped our moods and willed us to continue. They fed us, massaged, strapped our feet, filled our water supplies and ensured we had notes of support in our snack bags as we walked. Without them we would not have made the walk. I distinctly remember one moment when it was cold and windy after walking straight up army land – I needed food to provide some sort of emotional support and found a note from the Support Crew on the back of a very funny ‘close-up’ of a student’s face. We laughed so hard. Our mood lifted immediately.

Thank you so much to each and every Support Crew member, we cannot show you how much we appreciated your help.

Crossing the finish lineFacebookers – Please search ‘2015 QAHS Kokoda Challenge’ to see an insight into our team’s journey.

Finally, thank you for your support in the six month lead up to the challenge. Your support for QA Scrambled Legs team also supported the very worthy local charity – The Kokoda Youth Foundation. This local charity provides leadership support for South East Queensland youth, including our current students Celine Wienand and Dakota Smith (who also walked the challenge on the weekend).

I am a very proud teacher of very capable, supportive, determined, emotionally intelligent students.

Ms Alita Blackmur
Team Leader – QA Scrambled Legs