Well done Hannah

Hannah Rogger-Amies, receiving her DoE Silver Award 2015On Tuesday 12 May at the QAHS campus Assembly, Year 11 student Hannah Rogger-Amies was presented with her Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award from Linda Baadey from the Police Citizen’s Youth Club.

Below, Hannah shares her reflection on her Duke of Edinburgh journey to date.

“Late last year I set off to complete my Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award. It was the culmination of six months of learning a skill, playing a sport and committing to my community through service. So we set off upon two nights and three days of our adventurous journey to Springbrook National Park.  With our massive hiking packs, Linda (our supervisor), I, and several other ‘Dukies,’ ventured into the wilderness. The journey was a tough one, but it was most definitely worthwhile. Despite the many bruises we acquired and climbing more than 3000 stairs over the weekend, we had a ball. It was an amazing experience overall and one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Completing the Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award was an amazing opportunity and I am looking forward to completing my Gold Award early next year.”

Rogger-Amies, HannahHannah Rogger-Amies
Year 11